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Hi! Welcome to Tinsel Town Gift Wrapping, a Los Angeles based gift-wrapping service! I'm Annabelle, the founder of Tinsel Town Gift Wrapping. I started this business in 2016 with a love for the holiday season and a desire to make every gift I wrapped look special and unique to each recipient. I quickly found that I was not the only one that wanted to  dazzle my loved ones during the holiday season. It's been my pleasure for the last 3 years to get to wrap for individuals, corporations and productions, and to help people express their love and friendship by making their gifts look beautiful. 

Corporate Wrapping


We specialize in high-volume corporate wrapping. Companies we've wrapped for include: BUDWEISER, TOM'S SHOES, LINCOLN, PARAMOUNT PICTURES, WME, VH1, VIACOM, 20TH CENTURY FOX, AMAZON FIRE, SPC LAW OFFICES, and more!

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We can come to you! Contact us to have gift-wrappers at your next event or party! 

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Janis H.

The Best Gift Service Ever!
I needed to give a gift to a friend who did me a HUGE solid and also happens to be an A-Lister. There's a certain kind of food this woman loves and eats all the time so I bought every version of it I could find: upscale, down-scale, elegant, generic - all of it.  I also bought her two personal things I knew she'd like. But then what? Luckily, I found Tinsel Town Gift Wrapping and they did the rest, including delivery. My fancy schmancy friend just called me laughing/crying: "I get a ton of gifts," she said. "Most I give away or get annoyed that someone wasted all that money on something no one needs. But this? This is personal and it's beautiful and it's made my day." This is a GREAT company.

Danielle F.

I used Tinsel Town gift wrapping this past Christmas because I was so busy with work but couldn't get myself to resort to gifts in paper bags! Annabelle was helpful, thoughtful, and meticulous! The wrapping was impeccable (and I have high standards!) and she got everything done for me and every gift looked unique and special. She has a TON of gift wrap options. It was so easy to drop my gifts off and pick them up and I showed up on Christmas with beautiful gifts without having to stress myself out over the holidays. I actually ENJOYED the holiday season this year. I can't wait to use her services again!

Sean K.

We send out corporate gifts over the holidays to clients and potential prospects. It is imperative that the presentation and look of our gifts, put our best foot forward. Annabelle was tedious and detail oriented in making sure that the wrapping design of our gifts were in accordance with our image we wanted to communicate. She was working with us side by side going through fabrics and wrapping options until we found our best look. We are very satisfied with the business process and final product that we received from Tinsel Town Gift Wrapping. We got positive feedback from our gifts and will be coming back next year!

Carol M.

Annabelle is amazing!  Every present she wraps is beautiful!  The best part about her is that her presents aren't just wrapped they are created to fit the gift recipient!  She will save you time, stress and make you look good all at the same time.

Nicky K.

Great service! I've been using this service since 2016 to help me with my boss's holiday/Christmas gifts to their VIP clients.  Her professionalism is very assuring, and my boss's clients are continually impressed!

Lizzie F.

Annabelle is an exceptional gift wrapper and always adds a little something extra that goes above and beyond our expectation.
Not only did she make us and our clients happy with her gorgeous presentation BUT she also DELIVERED right to our door ahead of schedule. Cannot recommend Tinsel Town Gift Wrapping enough. Annabelle and her assistant were professional, punctual and perfect in every way! Customer for life :)